(1) Rose Quartz Gemstone Rough Cluster Love Stone


(1) Rose Quartz Gemstone Rough Cluster Love Stone

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(1) Rose Quartz Gemstone Rough Cluster Love Stone

The Rose Quartz crystal is one of the most popular crystal healing tools and is used to
enhance love and compassion for yourself, loved ones and all living things.

Rose quartz a popular pink coloured mineral used primarily for decorative purposes.
A fine healing crystal associated with love and matters of the heart

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart chakra. Use for self forgiveness, love, compassion and healing.

Rose quartz emphasises the importance of giving love to those around us as well as accepting it from others.
When used for meditation it brings an awareness on where the love in your life comes from instead of dwelling
on where it may be lacking.  It can help to remove barriers and will show that love doesn’t always manifest
itself in the way we expect.

Although many crystals are associated with the heart, pink crystals often resonate with the heart chakra.
Rose quartz is widely regarded as being the most important crystal for all matters relating to the heart.
It brings deep emotional healing and teaches the importance of forgiveness.

These come in slightly varied shapes as they come from
a natural source and are designed to look rustic.

This is a sweet little gift or stocking filler for a spiritual loved one.

Natural stone:
each cluster is approximately 3-5cm in size.

At night, leave the crystals next under your pillow and begin the new day afresh.
Remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals on a full moon.

* The above descriptions are only suggestions, not medical advice.

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