15pc Feng Shui Money Coin Ingot Fortune Bag SET


15pc Feng Shui Money Coin Ingot Fortune Bag SET

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15pc Feng Shui Money Coin Ingot Fortune Bag SET+BaGua Mirror House Protection Red Feng Shui Enhancer
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15pc Feng Shui Money Coin Ingot Fortune Bag SET

Adjust your Feng Shui luck using these wealth good luck charms.

Feng Shui Set includes:-
10 x Gold Ingots
3 x 8 i-Ching money coins red tassel
1 x Red  Fortune Bag
1 x Three i-Ching coins tied red ribbon 

Gold Ingots Ingots are a very strong symbol of wealth, it has a very distinctive shape, and it was the currency of high-ranking noblemen and means money coming in with no effort, just floating towards you as if on the water.
Best used for money come in. Ingots attract an abundance of wealth luck and continuous fortune into your home and office. Place them as you wish inside wealth vases, wealth bowls and sailing ships.
Also to be displayed over your office desk, as a symbol of money coming with no effort. Alloy Size: 2.1cm*0.7cm* 1cm approx. 

Eight Coins attracts wealth from all the 8 cardinal directions. It symbolizes wealth, love, health and success *Represents the continuous good luck *In addition to bringing good luck, these coins can also be used as protective amulets.
Bronze Plated Metal base Coins and Tassel Feature: The square hole in the middle of the coin represents the Earth, the round shape portray Heaven and when the coin is held by Man, it combines the cosmic trinity of luck. According to some Feng Shui masters, the essence of the coins are activated by tying them together with a red thread.

Dimensions: approx. 24×2.5cm,coin 1.4cm

Fortune Bag  This Feng Shui fortune bag contains one bag, one tiny book of Buddha script, one emperor coin and some gemstones; Buddha script is named as “jingang script”, it means good luck, wisdom and safety. Gemstones belong to one of the 7 Buddha treasures. People use gemstone to enhance body energy. It is recommended to keep this fortune with you to bring wealth, safety and good energy forever
Dimensions; Bag: 7.3×5.3cm, String: 68cm long , Script: 2.5×1.6cm, Coin:1.8cm

Three coins
strung together on a red strings is a symbolism of a magnet for wealth luck as they represent the trinity of luck – heaven, earth and mankind.  Hang from a door knob, place under doormat, bury in your money plant, carry in your purse or wallet. In business, hang over door, attach to cash register, order book, computer, fax or telephone to encourage wealth to enter. They are traditionally given to children each birthday and New Year and to couples on their engagement or wedding.

Dimensions: Size:55x55x55mm, each Coin dia.35mm x 1mm thick

An excellent gift to help others improve their wealth luck also!

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