200 Disposable Piping Bags Cake Decorating 30.5cm (12″)


200 Disposable Piping Bags Cake Decorating 30.5cm (12″)

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200 Disposable Piping Bags Cake Decorating 30.5cm (12″)

BRAND NEW: Commercial grade
Disposable Piping Bags are incredibly strong a quick, easy
and convenient way to pipe your cakes & desserts.

Strong and durable yet thin and easy to squeeze and can be
used with most soft mixtures, icings, creams, pureed vegetables and more!

How to use:
a)  Simply cut off the bottom to use or insert your favourite standard tip into the bag.
b)  Fill your piping bag with your cake batter or icing ready to pipe.
    Can be used with any icing tips by cutting the end to accommodate any size.
    Couplers can be used to help you change tips easily.
c) No cleaning required, once used simply remove your piping tip and discard the bag. 

These piping bags are clear making it easy to see the content and colours.
Sold on a roll of 200 piping bags. Price excludes shipping.

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