5pc Health Healing Stones Reiki Meditation

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5pc Health Healing Stones Reiki Meditation

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5pc Health Healing Stones Reiki Meditation

These natural stones may bring balance and
harmony into your life.
Let the crystal do the work for you, select your
crystal with an honest outlook on the problem.
 Amethyst – Ease headaches, release tension + stress
 Carnelian – To help ease asthma + hay fever
 Rose Quartz – Strengthen the heart and lungs + soothe burns
 Rock Quartz – General healing, stimulates immune system
 Sodalite – To help block negative energy
Wear your healing crystals in a pouch on a string and
tuck it inside clothes or handbag.
Place your crystals inside a small pouch and drop it
into your breast pocket to help heal your Heart (rose quartz)
For the office or workplace, leave your stones out as
decorative objects. Keep your crystals loose inside your
front pants pockets, and hold them for a while several times during the day.
At night, leave the crystals next under your pillow and begin the new day afresh.

Remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals at least once a month.
5 x Tumble Stones are supplied with FREE
Information Card and Organza Bag
* The above descriptions are only suggestions, not medical advice.

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