6pc Laughing Buddha 30mm Matte Black Feng Shui SET

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6pc Laughing Buddha Matte Black Statues

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6pc Laughing Buddha mini Set
Matte Black Resin Statues Feng Shui

Bring a bit of tranquility and peace into the lives of your family,
loved ones and friends and give them a happy Buddha decoration
as a birthday or housewarming present. 

Set of 6

Each Lucky Buddha figurine is about 30mm tall

Good luck charms thought to bring you money and fortune
Carry as a Talisman

Lucky Buddhas are sometimes called Happy Buddhas or Laughing Buddhas.
Each Buddha figure encourages good luck in a different aspect of life:
Safe Travel, Prosperity, Love, Spiritual Journey, Happy Home, and Long Life.

Each figure has a happy smile and large belly, which are traditional symbols
or prosperity in Chinese folklore. 

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