9 Gold Emperor Feng Shui i Ching Coins Lucky Knot & Red Tassel


9 Gold Emperor Feng Shui Coins Tied with Lucky Knot & Red Tassel

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9 Gold Emperor Feng Shui i Ching Coins Lucky Knot & Red Tassel

A stylish Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger for Prosperity 
and Good Fortune lucky copper coin

This Chinese hanger is ideal above or behind a desk 
or cash register, this wonderful hanger is bound to increase 
abundance, prosperity and good fortune. 

The powerful money attraction contains five Emperor coins 
cascading down from a traditional Chinese knot, complete 
with a red tassel. 

Hang these ornate Feng Shui cures in your home or office 
to enhance positive Chi (energy), as well as bring prosperity 
and good fortune. 

Perfect above an entrance, for the entryway, or in your 
prosperity corner (rear left corner of your home or office
when standing at the front door). 

Total Length: 30cm
MATERIAL: Metal coins

– The coins can be placed in wealth corner S/E to attract auspicious money luck.
– Carry in your pocket or purse
– Hang in your motor vehicle
– Tape under or in your cash register
– Tape under your desk at work
– Placed on accounts/files to bring in money luck

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