Bagua -Bagwa Mirror Ying Yang Feng Shui Enhancer 100mm


Bagua -Bagwa Mirror Ying Yang Feng Shui Enhancer 100mm

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Bagua Mirror House Protection Feng Shui Enhancer
House Protection

Protect Your House Today!

Protect your family and your home from negative qi and
transform it into a positive and harmonious force with this
traditional ba gua- also known as pa kua – mirror.

Bagua means 8 symbols, and this traditionally decorated,
hexagonal mirror with yin yang design in the middle will,
according to the Feng Shui principles reflect any undesirable
energy being directed towards your home or business.

Bagua/Bagwa mirrors are potentially very powerful so should really
only be hang outside your building.

Some ideas for placement include:
a. Over a door or gate to bestow good fortune on those who pass under it

b. If you live opposite a cemetery, funeral home or other inauspicious location
hang the mirror opposite it to reflect bad qi

c. Reflect excessive energy from electricity transformer boxes and power stations

d. If the corner of the building opposite is directly aimed at your front door,
position the bagua to deflect the ‘arrows’ created by the sharp edge.

Total Length: 100mm diam

A welcome gift for anyone that
appreciates nature good luck, peace
and harmony in their life.

This listing is for one hanging bagwa
mirror as pictured.

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