Ganesha Buddha Brass Bell Wind Chime Deep Red

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Ganesha Buddha Brass Bell Wind Chime Deep Red

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Ganesha Buddha Brass Bell Wind Chime Deep Red

Beautiful brass Buddha bell chimes will bring the
infinite blessings of Buddha and the beauty of
uplifting spiritual bells into your life

Bells are used to call the faithful to worship & toll the time.
The sound of a bell can express great joy, sound a warning,
or signal mourning. Bells have also been rung to bring on or
stop the rain, keep evil spirits at bay, invoke curses,
and lift spells.

Bells hold an honoured place in religious ceremonies.
In both Buddhism and Christianity, bells are blessed
before each ceremony. In Roman Catholicism, bells
are symbols of paradise and the voice of God.

Tibetan Buddhism, ringing the bell represents an
offering to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas in
order to accumulate positive karma. Also, the bell
represents wisdom, so ringing the bell is the sound
of wisdom which purifies confusion.

Total length: 26cm

Solid Brass Buddha – DARK RED Beads
Metal bell chimes out a soft tone.


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