Chakra Bracelet Healing Beads Rope SET of 2


Chakra Bracelet Healing Beads Rope SET of 2

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Chakra Bracelet Healing Beads Rope SET of 2+7 Chakra Tree of Life Gemstone Necklace
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Chakra Bracelet Healing Beads Rope SET of 2

The Seven Chakra Bracelet can be a powerful item
that attracts peace and calm. A healing chakra bracelet
to take with you everywhere

Size: One Size Fit, loop slides to open various sizes
This listing id for 2 two chakra bracelets

Anyone that desires a better life energy and emotional well-being
are encouraged to wear a 7 Chakra Bracelet, daily. 

The Chakra Bracelet has 7 coloured stones, each helping one
of the 7 energies. Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Sacral, Crown,
Brow and Base.

Wearing a Chakra Bracelet is thought to keep these 7 elements 
at their proper energy level,  they absorb negative energy, leaving 
only positive behind. The material of the stones is not as important 
as the colours, which range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 
indigo and white/violet combinations.

The person wearing the bracelet must have faith in its healing ability. 
Through this faith, the person can use the bracelet for meditation 
and connection with positive, life-affirming energy. People suffering
from major illness, pain, alcoholism, or mental illness have claimed 
the bracelet to be vital in helping their recovery.

Beautiful gift to help lift others up 

This listing is for TWO multicoloured  2 x Bracelet /anklet
*Can be shipped in the gift bottle for an extra shipping fee $5.00

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Due to the different display resolutions and different light
the picture may not reflect the exact colour of the item. 

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