1 X GOLD Waving Cat (Maneki Neko) 170mm Solar Powered

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Gold Money Cat Waving Solar Tall

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1 X GOLD Waving Cat (Maneki Neko) 170mm

Chinese waving cat:
Gold Waving Cat known as Maneki Neko

The Welcoming Cat

The Cat was seen as a symbol of prosperity.

Place your golden Welcoming Cat in your home or
business entrance to invite your guests in.

In Japan, one of the stories about Maneki Neko
is that a cat 

used to sit in front of the Gotokuji
Temple in Tokyo and held up its paw to
beckon people in.

In China, it has also become a popular good luck
figure in Chinese businesses; gold means wealth
and prosperity for the business.

Dimensions: 170mm
Operates by solar power, No batteries required.

An excellent gift for business owners big or small!

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