Health Magnetic Hematite Bracelet / Necklace Blue


Health Magnetic Hematite Bracelet / Necklace Blue

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Health Magnetic Hematite Bracelet / Necklace Blue

A beautiful hematite magnetic wrap around bracelet / necklace 
BLUE coloured beads with black hematite magnets.

One size fits all it is versatile uses as you can wrap anywhere around
the body – ankle, wrists, neck etc and the magnetic beads holds it in place.  

This listing is for one Blue beaded coloured wrap
Please note; other images show how the bracelet/necklace can be used.

Colours available
a) Pink
b) Blue
c) Yellow/Gold
d) Blue/Yellow/Green
e) Multicoloured

Hematite, also spelled as hematite, is the mineral form of iron(III) oxide
one of several iron oxides. It is the oldest known iron oxide mineral that 
has ever formed on Earth

Magnetic necklaces + bracelets are assembled with static magnets promoting
natural self-healing through magnet therapy—an alternative healing practice associated with electromagnetic treatment,
which uses electrically powered equipment generating a magnetic field. Magnet therapy falls under pseudoscientific,
for it still lacks conclusive scientific studies proving its claimed therapeutic effect.
We do not claim any medical benefits from magnetic jewellery.

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