Himalayan Salt Lamp USB Cord

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Himalayan Salt Lamp USB Cord

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Himalayan Salt Lamp USB Cord

This USB Himalayan Salt Lamp
naturally shaped from salt crystals.

It plugs into any USB port on a
PC, Mac or laptop, powering the LED lights inside.

This causes the white USB salt lamp to “glow” with
a warm internal¬†glow that’s beautiful on any desktop.

USB Salt Lamps are the perfect gift for
anyone who works at a desk job!

The device is visually intriguing, completely silent,
and gives off no smells or fragrance.

It is completely safe to use and draws a very
small amount of power from your computer

to power the high-efficiency LED lights.
The lights are built into the base of the lamp
and never need replacing.

Colour: Warm Natural salt
Approximate weight of the USB salt lamp is 500gm

Average height of 110mm base width of 70mm.

We hope you understand each lamp is unique,
the actual weight varies slightly from lamp to lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps are beautifully hand-shaped from
real salt crystals formed millions of years ago

when the Earth was pristine. As a result, they are
completely free from modern-day pollutants
such as pesticides, DDT or PCBs.

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