1pc Laughing Buddha Matreiya Holding Pearls of Wisdom 360mm

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Laughing Buddha Holding Pearls of Wisdom Large

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1pc Laughing Buddha Matreiya Holding Pearls of Wisdom 360mm

For those in competitive careers or high positions, a Laughing Buddha will serve 
to summon luck and eliminate enemies’ effects.

Bring a sense of warmth and joy to your home or office with this cheerful figurine.

In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha, also known by Buddhists as Matreiya, is one
of the most supreme symbols of joy and wellbeing. When this jolly character is placed
within any home, he will do wonders for all the residents inside; in addition to revitalizing
any dead or negative chi and relieving tension, he is believed to also summon fortune
and riches for all family members.

The Laughing Buddha is now also displayed in the office and prominent places in business venues,
such as the front counter lobby or cashier. He is also a highly revered figure placed at the altar in many temples.

He is a manifestation of wealth luck due to all the auspicious symbols that he holds the pearls of wisdom in his hands

The Laughing Buddha is a sure mood lifter when looked at, no matter how down one can be. Everyone
could definitely use one of these in their home, office, or vehicle even!

In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha can be used in many ways to best reap his abundant rewards:

1)  If your family suffers from arguments and tensions, then an image or figurine of the Laughing Buddha
will solve these problems. Simply place him in the East Sector (Family Luck) or a location where he can
be seen when everyone is sitting around in your living room or main hall.

3) When the Laughing Buddha is displayed in the Southeast Sector of the main hall, dining room or bedroom of your home,
he is believed to bring family members immense windfall luck and good income luck.

4) For those in competitive careers or high positions, such as CEOs or politicians, a Laughing Buddha placed in the workplace or
household is believed to help summon luck and eliminate enemies‘ effects. It will also allow for a clear mind and reduction of tension.

5) The Laughing Buddha makes a very good symbol to display on the front dashboard of your vehicle; doing so will allow him the
pleasure of always taking away your worries and bringing good news home with you from your ventures, as well as to keep you safe.

6) To prevent betrayals and arguments with colleagues, display a figurine of the Laughing Buddha on your desk at work.
This also helps boost career luck.

7) For students who are seeking to enhance educational luck, a Laughing Buddha positioned on the study desk
is reputed to allow you to attain your academic aspirations.

8) It is for many reasons that the Laughing Buddha makes the perfect present for almost any auspicious occasions;
for people you know who are suffering through misfortunes and bad luck, the Laughing Buddha would make an perfect good luck gift.

*Note* The Laughing Buddha is highly revered in both Buddhism and Feng Shui,
and so he should be treated with respect; never place him in the kitchen, in the bathroom or on the floor.

Dimensions : Tall 360mm
Colour: Multicoloured silver/gold/black

Dimensions : Tall 360mm
Colour: Multicoloured silver/gold/ black

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