Pillar Candle White Round 100mm x 75mm SET/6


Pillar Candle White Round 100mm x 75mm SET/6

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Pillar Candle White Round 100mm x 75mm SET/6

Made in the European Union by the world’s primer candle makers.

Self-extinguishing pillars. Candle will self extinguish as it reaches its base.
Safe Candles can be attached directly to wreaths or arrangements with a floral wire.

Use at Wedding receptions, restaurants, as home décor, party centrepieces, bath candles, church candles.
Highly recommended dripless pillar candles for centrepieces at a wedding reception.

SIZE: 75mm x 100mm
QUANTITY: 6 pack.
COLOR: Stark white.
BURN TIME: 25-hour burn time.
FITS: Standard pillar candle holders.
WICK: Smokeless with lead-free wicks.

5 Hour tealight candle 50pk also available

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