1pc Rainbow Chakra Dream Catcher & Wind Chime


1pc Rainbow Chakra Dream Catcher Wind Chime

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1pc Rainbow Chakra Dream Catcher Wind Chime Hanging Mobile
A colourful design featuring mini dream catchers in the style of a mobile.
An attractive modern take on a traditional item.

DIMENSIONS: Length 75cm

The Legend of the Dream Catcher is believed to have been originated
with the Oneida Indians, Native Americans.

To the Native Americans dreams had special meanings, a Dreamcatcher
in their home would catch the dreams that float in the night air. It is said the
Dreamcatcher allows the good dreams to flow through the spirit hole in the
centre of the web and that the bad dreams would be entangled within the
webbing and destroyed by the morning sun.

A dream catcher is often given to the young as well as the old so
that their dreams may come true.

A perfect gift for family or friends.
Hang over beds to bring peace and tranquillity 

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Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions15 × 12 × 2 cm


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