25pc Runes Adventerine Viking Rune Stones + Chart

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Runes Adventerine Semi Precious Stones + Chart

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Runes Adventerine Semi Precious
Stones + Chart

Divination Runes in natural green adventurine (Jade look)

Divinatory game consisting of 25 runes.
The runes come from an ancient sacred writing that is found in
Celtic and Nordic religions. According to Viking legend,
the secret of the Futhark (Runic alphabet) was unveiled to
Odin when he was hanged in Yggdrasil (the sacred tree).

Each rune has its own meaning and personal energy.
We use the runes to u
nderstand more easily the path
that is taking shape before us in order to better

anticipate it and to pass the obstacles that could
get on our way. 

Green Adventurine stone is a soothing colour for
Runes, the gold writing stands out perfectly on them,
making them easy to read.

Runes are thought by some to be a way of interacting
with both the spirit and the living world

Black Bag of 25 Assorted Rune Stones
Please note colours may vary from your screen,
these are very natural 
cut green adventurine a soft look
than the other Green Adventurine we have available.

Their look and feel is amazing.

Material: Natural Gemstones – Labradorite, Amethyst,
Tigers Eye, Snowflake

Black Pouch 10 x 8cm
Stones: 1 x 1.5cm – 2.5 x 3cm

This list is for
1 x Set of Runes Natural Green Adventurine gemstones.    

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