Teflon Applique Mat Multipurpose


Teflon Applique Mat Multipurpose

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Teflon Applique Mat Multipurpose

Multi purpose Teflon Mat Large 50cm x 40cm

Used for Appliqué – Textile art – Hot wax – Glue – Paint – Hotfix crystal work
Place the appliqué mat over your work once it is in place.
Then place the hot iron on top of the mat and press.
No glue will stick on your iron.
Any glue on the appliqué mat simply wipes off.

Teflon Appliqué Mat can also be used whenever you don’t want something to stick.

Like cakes in the pan or flames burning your food on the BBQ.

 TIP: Cut Teflon Fabric to shape and sewing into your Pot Holders + Oven Mitts
Cake Tin liners BBQ Liners Craft Painting
Use under your work when painting.
Once finished – simply wipe away paints. No Mess  

A Fantastic Multi purpose product…. You will need to BUY more than one!

Hint: Use a separate Teflon Mat for each use.
(Don’t use Teflon Fabric Mat in the oven… then for applique)

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Also named: teflon mat – teflon applique mat – applique sheet – applique mat
teflon fabric sheet – applique pressing sheet or hotfix mat

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